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This helps to explain Niles's excitement at the prospect of buying it in the shop.See more » In this episode Frasier introduces Clint Webber to Roz as though they've never met before, but in a previous episode of "Frasier" this season: ' The Zoo Story' #5.12, Roz's agent Bebe Glazer gets Roz a weekly spot on Clint Webber's show, so, presumably they should have met before.Much of Oakley's activism had been dedicated to LGBT youth, LGBT rights, as well as social issues including healthcare, education, and the prevention of suicide among LGBT youth.

In 2013 he raised ,000 for his birthday in support of the Trevor Project having aimed to raise ,000 (because it was his 24th birthday).In 2014, Oakley premiered a live show tour, "Tyler Oakley's Slumber Party" featuring him in pajamas and doing skits, and interactive segments with the audience.His two initial shows in Chicago, and Royal Oak, Michigan in early October both sold out in 72 hours.Due to Oakley's success with social media and prominence among many social media platforms (particularly You Tube), he was also given the opportunity to meet U. It's kind of like an underlying theme for me [with gay life] sprinkled throughout the videos." He sees Ellen De Generes as a role model, "She embodies what I want my experience to be and my influence to be, where it's a positive one, it's a happy one, it's not something about the bad parts of life or the downsides of a lot of things.She's using her influence for good, and everyone knows who she is, what she stands for, and that she is a lesbian." On screen, Oakley has done appearances on broadcasting platforms, having some air on national TV.

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