Woz dating

The LV WOZ is a public office where the WOZ information for all homes in the Netherlands are filed.The municipalities are required to comply with this.

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Before they can use it to reset Xev's expiry date however Stan and Kai are sucked into a war being waged between the Wozzard and The Dark Lady, each having very different opinions about the morality of the Lusticon.

The WOZ value is used in calculating municipal property taxes and the water system levy (watersysteemheffing) charged by the water boards.

The Dutch tax authority (Belastingdienst) also use the WOZ value in determining their assessments for taxes and levies.

Eventually Kai and Stan breach the Dark Lady's fortress, but it is the Wozzard himself that kills her.

Kai however is able to recover the control interface, allowing 790 to restore Zev's love-slave body and libido, but with a new expiry time of 79 years.

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