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You visit malls and superstores and you will see in clear writing " parents are responsible in case of children breaking items" So reaching out a consensus in this regard, I would agree with both Khalil and Bilal.

Metro should allow children under 10 and mention this basic policy to the parents before they allow them entry. Second, there is no age restriction as such, just the height. I, too, have not been happy when my grandsons were not allowed entry.

Abroad, all big retail stores allow children and they even have playareas so that moms and dads can shop while the kids are playing and having fun... Oh Pakistani people please open your eyes, you are being abused!!! This is straight away an abuse and we must protest against it.

We should not accept this insensible behavior and protest aggressively... Abroad there are lot of whole sale areas I have visited there is no such stupid rules. i've seen at many places; they have a play area for children in malls etc.

A small example: Today, more trust and reliability exists when buying a perishable product from Metro because its HACCP certified. But honestly, after seeing the Makro service , Im not sure what to expect from Metro. So if someone (like me) really dislikes, please dis-continue shopping there... We had two kids with us, my nephew & neice and only nephew got permission to go inside, in the end we had to left both in teh playing area.

What is so special there that KIDS ARE NOT ALLOWED?

Im not sure about the service at Metro since I have not visited them.... However, Makro was a bad experience which I need to go over and sort out with the management today.

I wanted to aware all of the customers that Metro is seriously involved in human rights violation.

No mother is allowed to bring her child under 10 with her in the store.

So they are in for some serious HOT WASH from me :) I would like to add that foreign investment from such companies help pay taxes whereas other stores DO NOT - and they find ways and means to manipulate the taxing system.

Agreed that superstores like Aghas, Naheeds and Motas among others understand the customer more better but an international chain creates more jobs, adds value, encourages other foreign investment etc. I suggest besides protest, its advisible to let the market forces decide their fate.

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