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Elaine Butterfield, executive director of the Centre on Philanthropy, which organized the event, has previously warned Bermudas charities are experiencing unprecedented financial pressure, with 65 per cent experiencing an increase in demand for their services coupled with a reduction in donations.Ms Foulger told the audience: We have lots of third sector organisations in Bermuda.Julia Gillard and the Labor Party can’t be trusted – and neither can Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party.The refugee convention, to which Australia is a signatory, was originally established to assist the thousands of “displaced persons” from Europe, after the Second World War.Any refugees arriving here by boat should be sent back to their last country of departure, or to any country that will take them.They can be sent to countries which are more culturally and ethnically suitable.This is a ridiculous situation, where the teeming millions of Third Worlders see Australia as their big ticket to the easy life. The asylum seekers who come here on boats have all passed by, or through, many countries that were safe havens for them.After that, their attempts to move on to Australia make them nothing more than economic migrants, looking for the good life; or, to use the common term, “queue jumpers”.

We have spent years bending over for Third World immigration; it is high time we straightened up, strengthen our backbone, and declare “Australia for the Australians!

But don’t be fooled that the Liberal-National coalition is any better.

They made a great song and dance about sending refugees off to Nauru, but they kept pretty quiet on the fact that they then let about half of them into Australia.

We don’t care the about the budget, the country of origin, the language or the quality – if the camcorder shakes we wanna review it!

Charities have been urged to consider the short-term pain of consolidation or mergers as they battle for survival in Bermudas harsh economy.

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