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” Which was definitely in all of our comfort zones, since we all came from sci-fi television shows. And then we got a 15-episode order from Sci-Fi, and we were off and running!BE: So was it a conscious attempt on your part to step away from the “Stargate” universe?' But because of all the buzz we got, television networks started calling us, saying, 'You know, it may not work on the web, but what about doing it as a TV series?" AT: Well, Damian (Kindler) actually wrote the web series as a spec script in 2000 when he was living in Los Angeles, and then he kind of shelved it. Martin said, “Yes, and you should send it to Amanda,” because the three of us already knew each other, obviously, from “Stargate.” At that point, there was a possibility of doing a cool game with it, but then we decided to do it solely on the web.I didn’t want there to be any vestiges of Sam in the next character that I played, in part to honor Sam Carter, but also to challenge myself creatively.So Damian and I had a long talk about how Helen should look and how she should walk and what she should wear, so that was a conscious effort.

If you’d tried to launch a series with this kind of scope a few years ago, it would’ve come off looking like…I don’t know, maybe “Doctor Who” in the late ‘80s? BE: But one thing that I think is notable about “Sanctuary” is that it doesn’t look like a green screen show.The fact that Tesla is a vampire, the fact that James Watson is really the real Sherlock Holmes, that he was really the one with the deductive mind and not the sidekick., and that Nigel morphed into the Invisible Man, and how his family is getting those abilities passed down genetically.“The Five,” to me, was sort of the quintessential mythology episode of “Sanctuary.” BE: It actually reminds me a bit of “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.” AT: Exactly!(She started as a captain, and now she’s a colonel.) After carrying her character over to “Stargate: Atlantis,” however, Tapping stepped outside of her most familiar role and into a new venture called “Sanctuary,” which started as a web series and earned so much success that it quickly evolved into a full-fledged television series on the Sci-Fi Channel. I was actually at the TCA panel for the show last year, but I didn’t get a chance to watch it when it was originally on, so you can now consider me on board with the series. BE: So I know that the TV series evolved out of the web series, but how did the web series come about in the first place, and how involved were you at that point?The show’s first season is making its DVD debut on September 15th, and Tapping spoke with Bullz-Eye about her experiences on “Sanctuary,” gave us some seriously tantalizing teasers about Season 2 (which premieres on Oct. "We made this kick-ass web series for a lot of money, and that was great, and we got a huge number of eyeballs watching it.

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