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The native Britons established independent kingdoms such as Gwynedd, Powys, Gwent, and (under Irish influence) Dyfed in the more mountainous and remote west.The Battle of Chester in 616, won by the Angles of Northumbria, contributed to the isolation of what became Wales.Mercia, in particular, came into conflict with Powys, and Offa's Dyke was built around 790 by the Mercian king Offa to create an effective barrier against incursions from the neighbouring Welsh kingdoms.By the 11th century, if not earlier, Wales – with its own distinct legal system, though only intermittently unified as a political entity – had developed a national identity as Cymru, or "Land of the compatriots" (Cymry), in contrast to the Saeson or Saxons.Singles dating Wales is one of the fastest growing online dating website in Wales for single men and women looking for a date.Whether for love, friendship, romance or long term relationship.

Many elements of the Welsh economy and society since then have been shaped by demands from England, and Wales has been described as "England's first colony".

In England, the Anglo-Saxon language had long supplanted the old Brythonic languages, and the English words "Wales" and "Welsh", meaning "foreigners", came to be used to describe the unconquered land to the west.

After William of Normandy's conquest of England in 1066, responsibility for keeping the Welsh under control was in the hands of Marcher Lords in the border areas.

The relationship between the Welsh and English is characterised largely by tolerance of people and cultures.

Historically this has not always been the case, and elements of mutual mistrust or dislike and overt racism or xenophobia persist.

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