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Now, more times than not, it's all about the lowest cost, ready to fly, easiest out of the box, instant gratification fix possible.No skill required, no knowledge needed, and no fun & rewarding lifelong learning curve involved.The single biggest one is this hobby is no longer a super expensive, difficult, and almost elitist form of RC flight like it once was.It's still the number one benefit for me that remains to this day.All have pros and cons, and all offer their own unique levels of fun, challenges, and rewards.I know many folks who gave up with RC helis before ever getting to experience the thrill and pure joy of flying one, because they simply got in over their head too soon, without understanding the basics first.It's the biggest problem our hobby is facing right now in my opinion.

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I hope the rest of my site will further help "fuel" your RC heli interest into a full blown passion!

They also teach you a great deal about rotary flight in its many forms, which to me is one of the most fascinating aspects of RC helicopters.

The number and specific types of radio controlled helicopters available these days is quite overwhelming.

Boredom is inevitable in short order, and thus less and less people stick with it, and simply move onto the next fad.

Give you the tools: Information & Knowledge, to get you off on the right foot.

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