Validating server migration

In the current article, rather than trying to encompass the breadth of possible migration approaches discussed in documentation, we concentrate on an in-depth review of one of the most common ways to migrate, namely on using bacpac files and the Dac Fx framework.

In practice, a migration project will likely include multiple SQL Server databases.

The target audience is Architects, Database Engineers, DBAs, and Developers who are considering or implementing database migration from SQL Server to Azure SQL Database.That is a standing recommendation; however, many compatibility issues can and should be addressed ahead of time, before any migrations occur.The preferred way to determine the extent to which a given SQL Server database is compatible with Azure SQL Database, in terms of T-SQL language and features, is to use SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT).This article is long, compared to a typical blog post.We intentionally include a lot of conceptual and background material to help the reader understand the entire flow of the migration process.

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