Validating radio button checked

A simple loop is constructed to check each radio button selection for a value of true or false.If a selection has been made it will pass a value of true.Suppose I have 3 checkbox checkbox1,checkbox2,checkbox3, What I want when user has not selected any one of those group values then a custom message will be displayed using JQuery or if this is possible in other third party library? Thanks A few points before you finish - I would rename item Errors to group Errors so that it's easier to understand what that section is for.I also don't think that your submit handler is needed.It's just blindly duplicating what normally happens when you submit anyway.

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When the submit button is clicked and none of the radio buttons have been selected an alert box will appear instructing the person to make a selection prior to submission.A friend recently asked for a code sample showing Java Script being used to client-side validate the radio inputs of an HTML form.This example took about 15 minutes to build and tweak to her specifications. Scans your site and returns information about your SSL implementation and certificate. When a specified item is selected from the list box, the Perform Click method of another Radio Button is called.

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