Updating a jlabel

I want my label score in the above class to display the score property of my Play Grid object. With your design, if you don't want to change it, couldn't you simply make a public get Score method inside Play Grid?

The only way I can manage this, is to pass a reference of the score JLabel to the constructor of my Play Grid object and do it like that, but I feel that this would be deemed bad design. Then when Main Screen updates, it can say How about implementing a model class which could hold the score ? The panel has paint Component() which paints it to the screen.

First of all I have 3 classes, a tabbed pane class, test class and sample class.

While an event handler is running, no other GUI processing -- which includes other event handling and all painting -- can occur. one possibility is duplicate declarations for label. the one you see on the screen is not the one your 'dynamic' code is changing You could wrap the array in a wrapper class, and make that class fire events.

By specifying HTML code in a label's text, you can give the label various characteristics such as multiple lines, multiple fonts or multiple colors. If you need to paint the label's background, it is recommended that you turn its opacity property to "true". Image Icon icon = create Image Icon("images/middle.gif"); . CENTER); //Set the position of the text, relative to the icon: label1Vertical Text Position(JLabel. CENTER); label2 = new JLabel("Text-Only Label"); label3 = new JLabel(icon); method is similar to that used throughout this tutorial. X and Y alignment are used by layout managers and can affect the way any component — not just a label — is sized or positioned.

If the label uses just a single color or font, you can avoid the overhead of HTML processing by using the method instead. Label alignment, on the other hand, has no effect on a label's size or position.

Label alignment simply determines where, inside the label's painting area, the label's contents are positioned.

Typically, the label's painting area is exactly the size needed to paint on the label and thus label alignment is irrelevant.

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