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The truth is as follows: Jason Marcus and Heather Heuser met while working in a restaurant in San Diego in 2005.

Eventually Jason (a nice jewish guy from Jersey), and Heather ( a nicer non-Jewish girl from New Hampshire) fell in love and decided to travel through Europe, move to New York, and open a restaurant called Traif.

After a positive meeting, Heather and Jason began to wonder about their next venture.

Shortly after and coinciding with two visits to Mexico and their overall passions for Mexican cuisine and wine, Heather and Jason began formulating the idea of a Mexican restaurant and wine bar, but… Here’s where the fantasy twist to the Traif story begins.

In April 2010, Heather and Jason did open Traif restaurant.

One January morning while walking to coffee about a year and a half after opening Traif, Heather and Jason decided to ask the landlords of a vacant former restaurant down the street of their intentions with that space.

In many ways, Xixa is the aesthetic and philosophical ideal of Heather—a strong, feminine, romantic, cosmopolitan, nostalgic, modern woman.

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What if almost everything else was the same: Jason travelled throughout Europe and Asia, worked in various Michelin kitchens, and grew up gardening and cooking with mom just like in real life…The food at Xixa will be both decidedly Mexican and not.Mexican recipes will feature non-Mexican ingredients and vice-versa.The food, a blend of mexican flavors/ideas/techniques but with a more global approach, reflects Heather’s desire to honor home but embrace the outside.The beverage program featuring an extensive global wine list, agave-based spirits, and craft beer reflects Heather’s affinity for both purity of ingredients and non-traditional food/beverage pairings.

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