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In de Leon, after a foreign support order was registered with the court, the obligee failed to timely request a hearing to contest an arrears statement. If we construed AUIFSA as precluding Mother's objection, all arrears accruing since 2004, the date of the registered order, would be effectively vacated.

Construing California's version of the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (“UIFSA”) — which, as relevant here, is identical to AUIFSA — the court concluded that the obligee could not have objected to the statement of arrears because it was not one of the seven “narrowly defined defenses to registration” permitted under UIFSA. As a result, the court held that UIFSA “by its terms does not bar [obligee's] postregistration challenge to the understatement of arrears because [she] could not have objected on that basis at the time of registration.” Id.¶12 Federal law also supports our construction of AUIFSA. § 1738B (providing state courts must give full faith and credit to support orders issued by other states); 42 U.

JUSTICE GOULD authored the opinion of the Court, in which CHIEF JUSTICE BALES, VICE CHIEF JUSTICE PELANDER, and JUSTICES BRUTINEL, TIMMER, BOLICK, and LOPEZ joined. I.¶2 In August 2014, Thomas Pandola (“Father”) registered a 2004 child support order from Illinois in Arizona. The court unanimously agreed Mother failed to timely object to Father's arrears statement.

COUNSEL: Mark Brnovich, Arizona Attorney General, Dominic Draye, Solicitor General, Paula S. The registration included Father's sworn statement he was “not aware of any child support arrears owed to [Mother] in this matter.” In September, counsel for Tiffany Taylor (“Mother”) accepted service of the registration documents, including Father's statement of arrearages.

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Bickett, Chief Counsel, Civil Appeals Section, Carol A. C., Phoenix, Attorneys for Thomas Pandola ¶1 Arizona's Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (“AUIFSA”) governs the registration of child support orders entered out of state. In October, Father filed a proposed form of judgment stating the amount of arrears was “zero dollars.”¶3 In November, Mother requested a hearing to contest the amount of arrears in Father's proposed judgment.

Salvati, Assistant Attorney General, Phoenix, Attorneys for State of Arizona Gregory B. Because Mother's request was filed more than twenty days after her attorney accepted service, the family court determined that her request was untimely and that she was precluded from contesting Father's arrears statement.

Pursuant to § 25-1306, the “matters” that “could have been asserted” to contest the registered order are listed in § 25-1307.

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2000), is misplaced because it involved a different issue. CONCLUSION¶16 For the reasons discussed above, we vacate the opinion of the court of appeals, reverse the family court's decision, and remand for further proceedings.

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