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She found out by accident when her computer, which she shared with her youngest son Josh, had a virus.While the consultant was fixing it, he found uploaded mobile-phone photos of girls doing things – none of which would grace a family newspaper.Just like the seemingly harmless symbol for ‘hook up’, you probably wouldn’t give this one a second glance.What we are accustomed to using to mean ‘more than’ holds a more offensive meaning here – screw. If you see your teen using this symbol, chances are he or she isn’t as innocent as you’d like to believe. We thought so too, until we sifted through the numerous ‘teen lingo decoded’ dictionaries the internet has to offer. We’ve all heard chat room horror stories of meeting someone ‘IRL’ (that is – in real life), only to find out the someone you thought was a charming 17-year-old is really a grimy 40-year-old internet predator. Of course, hidden behind a screen the other party could easily be lying.

Tilt your head to the right, you should be able to see it.

Your teens need help and they need to trust that they won’t be getting themselves in trouble by confiding in you.

Don’t believe your teens when they try to tell you this is a smiley face.

A Code9 leads to an immediate change of discussion if they are keeping something from you.

Chances are your teen isn’t referring to battery sizes with this one.

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