Sophos update manager not updating

Today, on our stake computer, I observed that we are also having this problem.

I looked in the Sophos log and found that the error is occurring when the client attempts a connection to a church owned update server.

Internet is fine and Sophos itself appears to be functioning normally.

Have no other similar issues when doing things in the FHC environment, like updating Family Insight or similar software Even updates to Flash, Windows, etc., do not hog the connection like Sophos does. I can do a scan, etc and the logs don't indicate any problem. Everything goes smoothly during the re-install until it tries to uninstall the autoupdate (and then re-install it).I can understand why you might reach that conclusion, but if it were a problem with the server itself, many other people would see the same issue.But none of the computers in our stake are having that problem -- Sophos updates normally, with no error condition reported in the icon in the system tray or anywhere else.I'm wondering if something is preventing the software from upgrading and and IDEs have timed out.Sorry, but the only admin machine I have on broadband is in a place I can't always get to.

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