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I don't want my daughter to learn 1 1 = 3 along with 1 1 = 2. Because Creationism contradicts Evolution, and Evolution is most likley true (only 0.15% of scientists accept creationism [ which is still less than the percentage of Historians who accept that the Holocaust was a hoax! Would we teach that the Holocaust didn't happen, along side the view that it did happen to our children? So, we shouldn't teach something like Creationism, over something scientifically backed up like Evolution.

Regardless, you say that creationism is just as credible, but this would mean that there is just as much evidence to support Creationism, as Evolution.It seems that double standards and hypocrisy tend to bestow feelings of confusion for the citizens here in America where the very pledge of allegiance mentions not only "god", but also the creator of the world.So why is creationism so low and inferior compared to the concept of evolution? Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. Creationism in the United State's school systems is not only frowned upon but also abrogated which begs the question of where this nation"s point of view stands.

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