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One researcher's advice for girls and young women is to select social media photos that showcase their identity rather than her appearance, such as one from a trip or one that highlights participation in a sport or hobby.Girls and young women who post sexy or revealing photos on social media sites such as Facebook are viewed by their female peers as less physically and socially attractive and less competent to perform tasks, a new study from Oregon State University indicates.

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The next level of expressing affection is chatting with the object of interest.Secondly, they like and comment their photos and posts, and send funny emojis.Some bold teens even like all the pictures available on the page at once."This is a clear indictment of sexy social media photos," said researcher Elizabeth Daniels, an assistant professor of psychology who studies the effect of media on girls' body image.Daniels' findings are based on an experiment she conducted using a fictitious Facebook profile.

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