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“Paying for sex is not unusual, as the apps have also opened up new avenues for prostitution.

And I have heard of instances where people have been sexually assaulted after meeting up via mobile apps.” The rise of gay dating apps in recent years can be seen as both a blessing and a curse.

But he later shifted to Growlr, a niche app for ‘bears’ – gay men who present a rugged, macho image. “Usually, if you go on Growlr, there will be around 50 guys available during the day, or 100 at night.

Some are looking for long-term relationships, but others just want sex.

BANGKOK, Thailand, 1 December 2015 – Nest is a 19-year-old living in Bangkok.

Like many other gay adolescents, he uses mobile apps to meet up for dates. “I don’t like to have sex at the first meeting, I prefer to chat and get to know the person first.

In 2014, there were at least 220,000 adolescents aged 10-19 living with HIV in the region, with major cities like Bangkok and Hong Kong hubs of new infections.

This can lead to spontaneous sex and risky behaviour.“I was living in Bang Kapi at the time,” he recalls.“We talked online for two months, then I came to Bangkok to meet him.He chats on Skype from his downtown apartment, wearing a large pair of DJ headphones.The social scene has changed enormously since Peter was in his late teens.

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