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Matthews got down on one knee while they were visiting the picturesque Lake District and proposed to the 32-year-old Middleton on Sunday.

British media said they have been dating less than a year.

The couple confirmed rumours in a statement to Britain's Press Association, saying they planned to marry in 2017.

The statement came as Middleton appeared in photographs with a diamond engagement ring on her left hand as she left her London home.

"It also depends on how much the hair sample is preserved as to how much information you can extract -- fortunately Mc Queen's hair was preserved in a good state," Gorjanc said.

"Visually, when you tan it and apply colouration to it, it can look just like leather." Gorjanc has also applied for a patent application for this project, because she says the fact that you can patent someone else's genetic information is central to her point.

The budding designer has no plans to make the collection for commercial purposes, but aims to demonstrate how genetic information could potentially be exploited.

**** The 33-year-old former Victoria's Secret angel shared the news on the micro-blogging site Instagram in which she posted her engagement ring with the caption: 'I said yes!!!

.' Kerr also added a cartoon to the picture depicting a marriage proposal.

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