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Even positive reviews still warn that this app is not for the weak but is marketed as a social interaction tool.If you scroll through the reviews that people are leaving, you will see a common thread of people receiving mean messages.You can then review pending tags and choose whether to approve them by hitting the check mark next to the item.Go to “Privacy Settings, then “Timeline and Tagging,” and switch ON both “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline” and “Review tags friends add to your own posts on Facebook.Facebook now lets others subscribe to your updates–in other words, whatever you’re posting will show up in their home feed.

You can also use Abine’s Social Search to show you just how much of your info is floating around online.

This also means that your “public timeline [will] show up in search engine results and let anyone look up your timeline by name.” Facebook’s reach is so widespread that protecting your data requires control both on and off of the giant social network.

You know those Facebook Like and Connect buttons you see on almost every website?

Even without , not just your friends) tag you in any photo without your approval; or B), be able to look tags over before they’re posted to your timeline?

If you care at all about privacy, B is your answer. Facebook quietly slipped in this tag free-for-all alongside its tag review feature.

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