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I'm still a big kid in my head - it's just my body I worry about.' Meanwhile, Jemma Lucy is seen to come to blows with Chad over his excessive displays of affection with the Girls Aloud songstress.

Referring to Chad's amorous displays with Sarah, which have seen him openly smooch the blonde in front of the other housemates, Jemma tells Chad 'you're secluding yourself so much'.

On Monday night, the couple were embroiled in an explosive row, in which Sarah bizarrely referenced Dizzee Rascal's 2003 Fix Up Look Sharp hit song.

The argument was sparked over the question of Chad's career, where a fuming-looking Sarah warned him: 'I've been in the business for 15 f***ing years mate, so don't take the p***.' One wrote: 'Love @Sarah Harding but how can she talk to her man @real Chad Johnson like that when all he does is support her? If it was the other way around Chad would be evicted',' added another. 'But things took a rather odd 360, with Chad then telling Sarah that he 'loves her' - moments after an explosive row.

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' Cries Jemma.'Well maybe they shouldn't get so upset over it. Chad and Sarah's relationship has gone through a series of highs and lows during its three-day stint.' With Sarah clearly on his mind, the American hunk then revealed: 'Just... you know...', alluding to going further with the blonde.Getting raunchier as the night went on, Sarah then asked: 'Can you feel that there?The Sun reports that the plasterer told friends that the duo had been dating for two months, and he had even moved in with her after falling for her charms.'They were inseparable.He supported her going on Celebrity Big Brother and watched nightly.

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