Sanaa lathan dating colin

Surely, Lathan who’s an industry vet, is aware of this rather absurd phenomenon.

The “It was assumed, based on the photo, that the duo was at dinner.

That was my fault that I put myself in a position where I opened up the floor for people to give their opinions on my marriage, and I have to take responsibility for that.” Herbert himself insisted the allegation was “absolutely” false.

“And all the other allegations are just not true — I’m just not that kind of person,” he said.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles Sanaa Lathan dating Colin Kaepernick?

Sanaa Lathan is still making her press rounds to promote “The Best Man Holiday,” and considering how well the film has already done at the box office, she may appear in the next sequel pretty soon if Universal has its way. Lee is already in talks to start working on the next film and it’s too early to tell if everyone from the first two films will return.

A few minutes later, Kaepernick re-grammed the picture with the caption, “@sanaalathan this.” Sounds like this could be the making of something, right? In response to the, “Isn’t she older than him” question that I know is coming, the answer is yes.

Sanaa is 42 and Colin is 25 (he’ll be 26 in November) so there’s a 16 plus year age difference.

Last week, we put together a list of the 15 life lessons you can learn from Colin Kaepernick's Instagram. But the 49ers quarterback reaffirmed it by posting a photo of him kicking it with Sanaa Lathan to his Instagram. And Lathan also posted the photo on her Instagram page along with the letters "xoxo."So are these two dating?This is one couple that we certainly didn’t see coming.On Saturday night, actress Sanaa Lathan posted a picture of herself cozying up to San Francisco 49ers star quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.Actress Sanaa Lathan, 42, and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, 25, shared a photo on Instagram this past weekend that has sent the Web into a frenzy!It’s common knowledge in Hollywood that if you’re standing next to an attractive, sometime single celebrity, you must be dating.

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