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Those who identify as Quirkyalone are not necessarily those that identify as aromantic (people who feel no romantic attraction towards others), asexual (people who feel no sexual attraction towards others, and can sometimes experience sexual repulsion), or antisocial (people who find no pleasure in the company of others); though, of course, they can.These are simply people who do not wish to date indiscriminately while waiting for the right person to come along – if they ever do – in their lives..A quirkyalone "generally prefers to be alone rather than dating for the sake of being in a couple," Cagen writes."With unique traits and an optimistic spirit; a sensibility that transcends relationship status." The 159-page book includes a quiz, surveys and fun graphics that underscore the affirmation of singles who enjoy their own company and other aspects of their lives outside of romantic relationships.Photo credit must include the Madonna Inn as a location credit when this photo is ...morequirkyalone018_Event on 1/5/04 in San Francisco. Author Sasha Cagen has published a new book, "Quirkyalone," which is out this month.The term has been generating a nationwide buzz among legions of single people who aren't flocking to Friendster or Lavalife to find a mate.She is photographed at her office, 2765 16th Street, SF, along with friend and quirky alone community organizer Danielle Jatlow (rear), who was a big part of the Quirkyalone project.

Photo was taken in room at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo.It was the in- between stuff, she said, that "scares off the potential One.It wastes energy you should save up for the super-duper sweetheart." When you're surrounded by couples, inundated by invitations to engagement parties and "everyone's throwing it in your face," it's hard not to surrender to couple status, just to feel normal. "I have faith in the possibility of connecting with someone," she said.This Valentine's Day, she'll be in Palms Springs with buddies -- she's far too busy to worry over guys. No, they weren't ideal dates, but they all make great stories.OK, because she's a closet romantic, sometimes she worries. "I met this fella at an indie rock club" who seemed slick and mature, until she learned that he was actually younger than her and still a college student, said Broom, gripping her coffee cup with both hands. The guy zipped past Broom on his Rollerblades, like a professional, while she teetered along in her blue suede roller skates. The whole experience did teach her an important lesson, though.

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