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Sean J, Christian: We're all humans and if we fall, she's going to come with something like, 'Let us pray together and ask for forgiveness'.

If it was a non-Christian woman she would just leave it alone and let me deal with my sins.

Christopher B, Christian: You can't get to do what you want to do.

When you really think about it, a worldian woman is not afraid of anything, but a church girl will behave like if she sins, the world will end, or she will be a hypocrite about it.

Nicole L, non-Christian: The situation would be too complex.

Imagine if I want to get comfortable with him and lean in for a kiss and he rebukes me and anoints me with olive oil.

They will love, honour, obey and see you as the man of the house, the king.

'I can't do this and I can't do that', because she's afraid pastor sees us.

THEY'RE usually seen as the cream of the crop -- saved, sanctified, untouched and ready to commit for life.

They won't cheat, won't yield to temptation and won't crave the things worldly women do.

It's extremities on a different level -- from being too holy to being too awkward is too much.

I prefer men outside of church, because their minds are more open.

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