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In another scene, Josie unknowingly eats some pot brownies and behaves very foolishly; there's some additional teen drinking as well.

Flirting/dating between characters of very different ages (undercover twentysomethings and teens), while part of the movie's humor, can feel awkard.

Premium members have no adverts, forum access, and other great benefits for just a year."In Josie's first English lesson at school, her teacher suddenly gets very over excited and starts ranting about a famous hockey player.

Kissing and lots of flirting -- some of it between characters who would have problematic age differences if they were all telling the truth ("teenage" Josie and a teacher, Josie and her brother and actual teenagers).

In a scene in which high schoolers are meant to learn about sex ed, they're shown putting condoms on bananas (with references to "the real thing"), and anatomical models are shown. Josie unknowingly eats a pot brownie and gets very high/silly -- the scene is played for comedy.

Since the word "Loser" was the right way around on the stamp on her hand, it should be backwards on her head.

It was obviously put the right way around by the director so that the following scene where everyone laughs at her would be more obvious.

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