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Going back to another recent large incident, here's how the data on Linked In breaks down: This is obviously a really different split; Gmail is now well and truly out front which is more commensurate with what we'd expect today.Keep in mind that Linked In was hacked in May 2012 so now we have a window somewhere between then and 2007.Several thousands to choose from in many different categories, including Dating Comments.

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Fling in 2011, Linked In in 2012, tumblr in 2013 and the mother of them all, My Space in, well, we don't quite know. Firstly, the only data in the breach is an incrementing ID (possibly an internal My Space identifier which would enable to date it), an email address, username and one or two passwords.Fun My Space & Facebook Graphics Thousands of free new graphics for your profile, website or blog.Cool My Space & Facebook Layouts Pimpma has over 15,000 My Space & Facebook layouts divided into myriad categories for easy navigation and selection.There's been no information forthcoming from anyone about when this breach actually occurred and there's no explicit indicators in the data dump either (sometimes there are timestamps on account creation or website activity). The passwords are stored as SHA1 hashes of the first 10 characters of the password converted to lowercase.That's right, truncated and case insensitive passwords stored without a salt.

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