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Samples that were β-globin negative during the initial dot blot step and HPV negative by the Roche assay were considered insufficient.Analyses were restricted to women who returned a baseline sample and ≥1 follow-up sample sufficient for HPV testing.Lifetime number of male sex partners was also positively associated but only among women not recently sexually active with male partners.In analysis that adjusted for hormonal contraceptive use and marital status, women reporting multiple male partners or male partners who were new, casual, or had ≥1 concurrent partnership had a hazard of incident HR-HPV detection that was 2.81 times (95% CI, 1.38–5.69 times) that for women who reported no male sex partners in the past 6 months.

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Therefore, we characterized risk factors for newly detected HR-HPV infections and defined the proportion of newly detected infections attributable to recent partners.

From 2007 to 2010, Internet-based recruitment methods were used to enroll 25–65-year-old female online daters into a longitudinal study of genital HPV infections.

With frequencies of divorce, dating, and remarriage in mid-adulthood increasing [6, 7], the risk of newly acquired HR-HPV infection and subsequent cervical neoplasia might be greater now than among cohorts of mid-adult women in previous decades.

In general, however, mid-adult women with recent new partners have been underrepresented in HPV studies.

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