Matthew mcconaughey and kate hudson dating

They agree, as a solution to their "problems", to visit Ben's family in Staten Island for the weekend.While holidaying together, Ben and Andie begin to form a genuine bond, and upon arriving home Ben even refers to Andie as his girlfriend.Still, in spite of this, she is heterosexually married and is on her third marriage to a man.She has publicly stated that though she is not a lesbian, she supports gay and lesbian people and gay rights.Seeing Ben's good news, Judy and Judy are instantly envious and set about to ruin it for their co-worker.They tell his close colleagues, Tony (Adam Goldberg) and Thayer (Thomas Lennon), that Andie knew about the bet all along and was playing along to help Ben win.It is based on a short cartoon book of the same name by Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long.Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) is a writer for a women's magazine called Composure as the "How to..." girl.

After Andie's best friend Michelle (Kathryn Hahn) experiences yet another break-up, Andie is inspired to write a new article titled "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days"; she will start dating a guy and eventually drive him away using only the "classic mistakes women make" in relationships.Tony and Thayer then rush to Andie's side and beg her to keep quiet, when they do not realize she is still blissfully unaware of the bet.Almost simultaneously, Lana, who is unaware of Ben's role in Andie's "How To" article, reveals Andie's true intentions to Ben.These announcements have served only to further convince some in the public mind that she is a lesbian, despite her clarifications otherwise.Also, rumors started in the late seventies when she and Cher (by then divorcedtwice) started going out..

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