Mandating hpv vaccination arguments

Minnesota mom Lesley Doehr plans to have her 11-year-old daughter, Sally, vaccinated against HPV.

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Getting vaccinated against HPV is recommended before becoming sexually active.

That is, there's no way to know if the vaccines caused the adverse events, or whether the numbers are on point.

"In our review of available vaccine safety data, FDA and CDC have concluded that the benefits of HPV vaccination continue to outweigh its risks and the vaccine is recommended," Vellozzi says.

The CDC is aware, of course, of the reports of illness, and acknowledges that concerns about the vaccine's safety may be keeping people from getting immunized.

However, says Claudia Vellozzi, MD, deputy director of the CDC's Immunization Safety Office, the HPV vaccine has been shown to be as safe as meningitis and Tdap vaccines.

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