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Sea turtles are often found in fishing nets and many have lost limbs becoming disabled and are no longer able to survive in the wild.Participants will join the incumbent volunteers at the project as well as the local staff at the project to get to grips with the daily tasks to what is expected of them. – Collecting turtle eggs and bringing them to a safe location for them to hatch. Usually on a weekly basis our local team will arrange a set day for the volunteer in Sri Lanka participants to engage in a mass beach clean across the Ambalangoda beach area.This will include tasks as part of a team as well as individual roles. – Cleaning the project premises and the relevant beach area. As female turtles will only lay their eggs at beaches that are safe environments to them, it is crucial the area is maintained to encourage this.Beginning from the orientation, participants will learn how to collect eggs, identify different kinds of turtles, how eggs hatch, how to treat turtles, how to send turtles back to the sea and so much more.This is really a project where you will learn a lot and make a tangible difference with your time.

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