Is nikki reed and kellan lutz dating

20 pictures inside of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's lunch date...

Filed under: Film Flickers • Disney • George Clooney • Leonardo Di Caprio • Sandra Bullock • Kellan Lutz • Liam Hemsworth • Chris Hemsworth • Hunger Games • Jennifer Lawrence • Josh Hutcherson • Chris Evans • Idina Menzel • GIFs Well, the list is officially in and we're not ALL that surprised by the results! ) get named one of the most pirated films of the year? Though, let's be real for a minute, it probably did! ] From snow queens to Oscar-winners to Looks like these two hunks had a successful throw on the pitcher's mound!

She became known in 2003, after the release of the film Thirteen, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, for which she was credited with Hardwicke as a co-writer of the screenplay, and in which she played a lead role.

The film earned Reed an Independent Spirit Award for Best Debut Performance, as well as several nominations.

Then we can have Nikki's rumored new beau Ian Somerhalder all to ourselves! until that family turned them down just days before taping and sent producers into a scramble!!

"I'm actually really proud of him."She continued to gush..."It takes a lot of balls, no pun intended, to stand and pose like that," Reed said. As for an exact date, I don't know."Asked if it's going to be made into two flicks, she teased, "I do know the answer to that."No surprise, but Reed declined to elaborate.

"I wouldn't have the guts to stand there naked like that."Unless, she added with a laugh, "I looked like Eva Mendes."Reed, however, wasn't as chatty about .

Nikki Reed and Paul Mc Donald have decided to divorce, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

Overall, we think she look looks absolutely GORGEOUS! But, let's be real…those conflicting patterns on her ensem? [co-star Kellan Lutz at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards and they looked mighty fine together when they got close for some photos last night. Seriously, we commend you for going with a nice colored, yet still überly fancy, deep purple attire! [ where the Wests (including Kim and, yes, Kanye West) go up against the Kar Jenners...

And we know that since they played lovers on-screen they have GREAT chemistry. but now, we're learning that it wasn't supposed to be like that at all!!! The folks from had initially booked a second separate celeb family for the show, too, and THAT fam was supposed to go up against the larger Kardashian bunch...

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