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) For nights when: It's gorgeous outside but you don't have your own backyard And you want to meet: Local indie music fans Who are into: Craft beer and bourbon cocktails at picnic tables And: Taking and then giving away photos with a Polaroid camera For nights when: You wish Houston was Hawaii And you want to meet: Other people who hate dressing up for work Who are into: Mid-century modern design aesthetics And: Planning vacations based around rum-distillery tours For nights when: You don't want to get dressed up And you want to meet: High-achieving HBCU grads Who are into: Blowing off steam to some serious rump-shakers And: Enjoying the occasional cigar For nights when: You want to hoist a nice pint of ale And you want to meet: Old-school live-music fans Who are into: Legendary Americana acts And: Also British food For nights when: You've just gotta dance!

And you want to meet: Other people who actually know how to dance Who are into: Salsa music mixed with a little EDMAnd: Who also value a really good chimichanga from the bike station on the Navigation Esplanade and cruise around exploring the street art of East Downtown.

One person out of hundreds answered “no” to the question, “Is it still important for married couples to make time for dates?

” This handbook may not be for her (yes, her, because we know you’re all wondering), but it is for anyone still pursuing romance on the regular.

Head south on I-45, where, depending on the season, you can either spend the day enjoying the sand on , each a circus of artistic oddities, while doing your best to explain that Houston is the real weird city in Texas. WYD.) The personal ad is back for the Instagram generation.

Do not—we repeat, do not—let your love leave town without finishing out the day with margaritas and fajitas at the restaurant where the latter were invented, Pac Man Fever Friday at Joystix: Likely to solve disagreements with a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors Goat Yoga: Has considered raising chickens in their backyard Drinks at Tongue-Cut Sparrow: Already has reservations for that thing you just heard about Performance at MATCH: Wears eyeglasses that are not, strictly speaking, necessary for their vision offer unique approaches to meeting new people, with significantly less risk of an inbox full of trite, one-word introductions. It’s something we never knew needed a 21st-century revamp, but now that it exists for ladies who like ladies, we recognize its brilliance.

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Complete the day with a sleepover at one of the park’s cozy cabins or screened shelters.Free bird and nature walks along a heavily wooded portion of Rummel Creek are offered the first Saturday of every month, but it’s equally rewarding to discover the beautiful bridges and picturesque ponds on your own.Walk it off by strolling around the historic heart of Old Town Spring, making stops at the mom-and-pop and antique shops.It’s good to continue to raise the stakes in long-term relationships.This Spanish bistro, which serves avant-garde cuisine inside a cozy Montrose bungalow, fits the bill perfectly.

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    When the meal arrives, you’ll taste-test a five star menu while feasting your eyes on romantic views and tenderly touching hands. Pause from the fun to pose for a silly selfie or capture that breathtaking sunset you shared. Your Homework: Turn your favorite date night photos into a coffee table book to keep the memories close. Your Homework: Write a list of all the little moments you have yet to toast to, together. If you don’t make the time to be together, you won’t find it.

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    With this in mind, here are five tools to help you approach the year ahead – and your partner search – with a healthy, happy state of mind.