Girlfriend needs break dating another guy what is non exclusive dating

There's a difference between "breaking up" and "a break." "A break" indicates the relationship is off temporarily, with the possibility of getting back together.

"Breaking up" is a definite ending with no indication that you will ever get back together again.

My question is: Don't you figure that out by spending time with each other?

Doing your own thing within a relationship is healthy separation, but taking time apart to figure things out is not good.

Because it's so vague, it's tough to know what a "break" really means.

And they may leave this opening on purpose because they want to return to you after they do whatever they have to do during this break.Has a "break" ever worked out for you and your significant other?Do women mean the same thing when they ask for a "break"?I don't condone waiting around for someone after they've asked for a break. Even if they still like you, they won't take you for granted if they realize they could lose you.So, instead of wondering and trying to predict, you should make the best use of this "break" time for yourself.

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