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On Wednesday, Simmons was a guest at Fox & Friends, promoting his new book, On Power.He was banned from the network afterwards for allegedly insulting female staffers during the visit to the network's Manhattan offices The problems began after his TV appearances, when he had gone up to the 14th floor, where Fox News' offices are located, a source told The Daily Beast, which was also confirmed to Daily by a Fox News source.Recent allegations that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted and harassed women for years have come to light, ushering in a cataclysmic career downfall for him and many more.See the following cultural power players who have been accused of improper behavior. 11, a day after Hilarie Burton said he groped her during a 2003 appearance on 'Total Request Live.' Afflecktweeted, “I acted inappropriately toward Ms.She added, "(Simmons') verbal harassment tipped me over the edge of professionalism and I responded that as I possessed neither attribute, would he mind answering a question. I asked two more questions, he gave pretty much the same answer and I told him he had wasted enough of my time."After leaving, Mc Cabe says the male photographer who'd accompanied her to the Simmons interview confided that he'd "felt like smacking Simmons in the face." She added, "Since I posted my experiences with him on Facebook earlier today, several men and women have shared their #Me Too moments with Simmons."She also noted, "The serial pest is due in Australia for a solo tour in February.

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Mc Cabe's personal account of her interaction with Simmons came a day after news that he had been sued by an unnamed California radio host for making unwanted advances and answering questions with sexual innuendos during an on-camera interview at a facility he co-owns, which Simmons has vigorously denied.

Mc Cabe says that despite her careful research, Simmons kept rehashing the same joke during an in-person interview in the 1990s: "I love coming to Australia because all the women have big (breasts) and big (behinds)."She said the joke was a variation on the same crass remarks Simmons and bandmate Paul Stanley had made during phone interviews over the years.

THE WEINSTEIN EFFECT: 120 powerful men accused of sexual misconduct If you have ever experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct while working in the entertainment industry or news media, we’d like to hear from you.

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