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Society in the Internet age puts all too much blind faith in the World Wide Web, and this foolish belief is what gets a lot of users into a lot of trouble.

Since 1995 when was founded as the first online dating service in the world, the trend has been on the exponential rise.

A woman in Ireland came forward on Tuesday to say that she had been abducted and raped by a man she had been matched with on Tinder.

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Contrary to what is often assumed about single parents, particularly single parents of young children, a new study from The Kinsey Institute has found that single parents of children younger than 5 date and are sexually active as often as singles without children -- and more so than single parents of older children. "This new study was unusual in focusing upon the sexual and dating behavior of single parents rather than partnered parents of young children." Gray and Garcia are co-authors of "Evolution and Human Sexual Behavior" (Harvard University Press, 2013).

So thinking "different laws apply" to online dating than those that do to conventional dating is a mistake made by the users, not the sites. There's no dating site, so is it just your own gullibility? Dating sites, contrary to a very widespread belief, are not in the business of guaranteeing the 'satisfactoriness' of their users.

The transition from the fantasy world of online flirtation to the realistic one of in-person dates is not always smooth. What about when they're at a party and someone exaggerates their status to make themselves more attractive? The most sophisticated, like e Harmony, "match" compatible users based on unverified personal and personality data that those users elect to submit.

In light of these harrowing figures, many states now have Internet Dating Safety Acts on the books that more strongly regulate dating sites.

New York, for example, requires sites like and e Harmony to include safety tips for their users.

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