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Watch the video, then scroll down to find some trials that are recruiting or to search for another trial that’s right for you.

This study is looking at how effective and safe eslicarbazepine acetate (also known as ESL) is in people 18 years of age or older with partial-onset (focal) seizures, when it is added to their current anti-seizure medication(s).

The ROSE Trial (Radiosurgery or Open Surgery for Epilepsy) is in follow-up phase at major epilepsy centers across the US and Canada.

EPGP is a large-scale, international, multi-institutional, collaborative research project aimed at advancing the understanding of the genetic basis of the most common forms of epilepsy.

An overall goal of this study is to establish the relationship between antiepileptic drug exposure and outcomes in the mother and child.

An additional goal is to describe and explain the variability in antiepileptic drug exposure and response.

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The decision to participate in a particular study should only be made after thorough review of all available study materials, including the relevant study protocol, and discussion with the patient's physician.

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The Rare Epilepsy Network (REN) is a partnership between rare epilepsy organizations, the Epilepsy Foundation, Columbia University, and Research Triangle International to conduct research to improve outcomes of rare conditions associated with epilepsy and seizures.

This project will look at individuals in the early stages of treatment for focal epilepsy to study treatment responses and the likelihood of developing drug resistant epilepsy.

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