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You have the ability to control every one of your character’s actions and movements in this world.The process of doing this is rather simple; just pick a target to interact with and left click the icon to carry out the desired action. In the multiplayer dance game you have to press the right buttons to follow the beat. The game is just one of the many different fun things in 3D Chat.The point being that there’s quite a bit of content out there for those of you who don’t want to look at the masses of VR Porn sites and want a more engaging experience.For the record, if you do want to check out VR Porn with a variety of 360/180 degree videos (of varying quality) then check out’s streaming app which is like a VR Porn Youtube application or this directory @ – I’ll update this Adult VR GAMES Directory article when more is discovered and if I’ve missed something worth mentioning then please comment or send me an email.It gives players a lot of control and the ability to do a lot of socializing and communicating with their peers.

For the less detailed minded, there are general templates to choose from.Whilst it’s not perfected as you get some unusual distortions when pushing the model too far, it’s certainly a giant leap in the right direction for interaction and needs to be seen to be believed.If the developer can make the models have more mass to prevent player clipping and allow for moving arms, legs and positions then this is shaping up to be pretty amazing.VRGirlz Lucid Dreams II Demo VRTitties Virt-A-Mate Waifu Simulator VR Model Viewer Femdomination – Citor3X Moon Productions Honey Select Unlimited Playclub – Illusion Eva Galaxy Evolution 3DXChat VRLove VIRTUALLY NAKED Hot Apartment VR VR Jenny DEAD Or Alive Xtreme 3 PSVR Club Vix Xxen – Otium VR Waifu Sex Simulator 2.4 CUSTOM MAID 3D 2 HONEY SELECT VR (Trial) HONEY SELECT VR (Full) Happy Biting VR La Douche VR/Villain Simulator Meak Rob47’s SEX GAME Dorei Nikki 3D Cat Girl Playroom Play Home Demo Sixy VR Egirl VR Summer Lesson PSVR Happy Manager PSVR Sin VR VR Kanojo Project Alisa Project M Fallen Doll Nancy’s Summer VR Hardcore Pink – Pink Motel NYOTAIMORI VR Adult Sandbox Alpha Pornflix and Chill i Candy Yiffalicious Nympho-Trainer Gold Club San Francisco VR – VRclubz Amoreon VRSex Scenes Unlimited SHE IS A SEXUALOID Virtua Dolls – Girls of Arcadia Holodexxx Project 3 VR Games Naughty VR Note: Click the Titles to be taken to their respective website pages.I sampled the delights of the Lucid Dreams II demo using the Vive which also works natively with the Rift too.

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