Final fantasy dating sim walkthrough dating a white girl

In order to achieve the perfect date, the player has to pull out their moviest moves ever and we’ve got just the thing to help out.

Without giving any spoilers away regarding context, here are the dialogue options best suited to achieve that perfect score.

For this guide, I’m only going to put in what is accessible at this time.

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First date: May your love be as smooth as all of his music references.

Players will first meet Brian at the park where he and his daughter play with their adorable Corgi.

Unlike the other dads, his first introduction (prior to the first date) requires some finesse. Without giving anything away, there is the “good” ending and the “bad” ending for this blonde bombshell.

The answer is no, because not only is there assuredly more to come on the story front — and if you've beaten what the game has laid out to date, you know that there's nothing close to a resolution to its epic tale — there's plenty to do while you wait for the developers to add more to the main quest line.

If you want to keep playing, here's what you should be doing every day to make sure your characters are as well-prepared as they can be for what eventually lies ahead.

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