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And some of it could even be due to the fact that the owner of the Beau Island Resort- Mister Benjamin Ian-Merigold Beau himself- was due to arrive on the ferry this morning.But much of the dark gloom hovering over the island came from the knowledge that until the ferry arrived, they were alone on an island, far from the mainland and- as the island was still without wifi or any form of Internet access at the moment- completely isolated from the world.Now, our radgies have given their true thoughts about the potential love triangle, with Abbie explaining that she wanted to make Sam 'feel welcome' with her hot tub tash on.

The blonde girl twirled again, then faced her audience of one. Rena and Aubrey offered the black ex-cop a congenial nod. "He's not going to be happy." "I imagine not," said Tori. "I think it's pretty damn obvious who did it." ***** "So tell me," said Mc Katt. "Okay, ex-police officer, but still a professional position." "What about Dr.

Then she rolled a hip and glanced over her bare shoulder at her audience. "Don't bother answering," said the manager, her features stern. As soon as this meeting ends, you'll go over the whole resort- with the exception of the guest rooms- to make sure we're not being intentionally jammed. The casual observer might think that the tension was due to the fact that Professor Rush had led an expedition into the Chrystal Mountains and her whole team of grad students- a team that included Rena's cousin Caroline- had been captured by natives and turned into tribal sex slaves. I suppose the question is whether it was just intended for those two or if the person responsible plans more." Mc Katt said, "I've been trying to think of something that connects the maid to Elizabeth Besting. "What if Elizabeth and Hannah were actually a team of criminals working together to steal from the guests? Two, nobody's gonna bring anything to this island worth taking that kind of risk for." "We don't know that," said Aubrey. We have several guests and employees arriving in the next hour or so." Paul nodded. According to the docket, we should be getting another maid on the ferry, along with a kitchen helper for Eric and a bellhop slash attendant to help guests with their luggage to and from the ferry." "About time," said Eric. " Tori opened her mouth to deliver a retort, but then changed her mind. That's generous of you, Rena, I think calling Straight a 'security consultant' is giving him too much credit." Rena said, "Interesting.

She looked through heavy-lidded eyes and slid her tongue over her lips. It's like we're being intentionally blocked or jammed." "That's not an acceptable answer, Straight," said Tori. We need to get in touch with the mainland and we can't wait around for you to get your thumb out of your ass." Paul flushed. If someone's jamming everything, we can hardly expect them to walk up to me and say something like, 'Hey, Paul, come check out this cool jamming unit I set up in my room! "So we're back to this mysterious espionage agent who is apparently jamming us for his own nefarious purposes. What am I supposed to do...rifle every guest's room and check for high-tech jamming electronics? What I meant was, have you even bothered to search the grounds? If at that time you still feel we are being "jammed", then you will make a discrete check of the guest's rooms. The casual observer would likely be at least partly right. Who's trying to turn the whole resort into a brainless sorority? Something that would indicate why the two of them specifically would be targets. Granted, it would be a lot easier if we could interview friends and family members, but I suspect it wouldn't change anything." "Are you sure, Joan? "I mean, maybe there's a connection we're just not aware of. Hannah could conceivably snatch items while she was cleaning and then pass them to Elizabeth. Or get revenge, maybe." Rena said, "Imaginative, I'll grant you, but an unlikely scenario." "Why? "Aren't Benjamin Beau and his wife arriving this morning? "I'm a chef, not a waiter." "I was hoping for an overnight attendant as well," said Tori, "but I suppose Mr. Finally she said, "I suppose not." "Exactly," said Paul.

Our Geordie Shore radgies are officially BACK in the Toon with new family members Sam Gowland and Stephanie Snowdon, and what a first episode it was, eh?

Tonight saw the squad wasting no time in reminding us that they’re more skilled at getting mortal than we are at eating ten chocolate bars in one sitting, with Sam even finding time to enjoy a cheeky neck on with both Chloe Ferry and Abbie Holborn.

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