Dragonball z dating sim

If there's a significant difference, then it needs to be spelled out.

--Alex Churchill , Jan 6, 2005 (UTC) This is the first time I've heard the phrase.

It seems to be a clumsy way to refer to what is more commonly simply called an anime game, or anime based game.

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In order to learn [Demon-Slaying: First Form], he first needed to acquire more knowledge about undead creatures.Just imagine: he could deal with a hoodlum simply by staring at him! Or, against a crowd of hoodlums, just one roar would knock all of them over… Isn't this just a synonym for bishoujo game, used by Westerners not familiar with the terms bishoujo game or ren'ai game? If that's all it is, it should be merged with one of those articles. "Oh…" Seiji blinked in confusion as he looked back.He saw Okubo Yoshiaki collapsed on the ground, his robe in tatters.

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