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The era was pro as entrepreneurs extended the range of their business around the globe.The was a business enterprise that exploded in scandal.Queen Anne died in 1714, and the Elector of Hanover, George Louis, became king as (1714–1727).He paid more attention to Hanover and surrounded himself with Germans, making him an unpopular king, However he did build up the army and created a more stable political system in Britain and helped bring peace to northern Europe.The parliaments of and of then each ratified the treaty via respective .ally separate states, England and Scotland had since 1603 when on the death of the childless , became, additionally, James I of England, in an event known as the .

In 1763, led to the dominance of the British Empire, which was to be the foremost for over a century and grew to become the in history.The last king to dominate government and politics, his long reign is noted for losing the first British Empire with a loss in the (1783), as France sought revenge for its defeat in the Seven Years' War by aiding the Americans.The reign was notable for the building of a second empire based in India, Asia and Africa, the beginnings of the industrial revolution that made Britain an economic powerhouse, and above all the life and death struggle with the French, the 1793–1802, ending in a draw and a short truce, and the epic (1803–1815), ending with the decisive defeat of Napoleon.reigned 1760–1820; he was born in Britain, never visited Hanover, and spoke English as his first language.Frequently reviled by Americans as a tyrant and the instigator of the American War of Independence, he was insane off and on after 1788 as his eldest son served as regent.

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