A sale isn’t a sale until the buyer has signed on the line or handed over their cash.


Examination of the full date sequence emphasizes the complexity of the site stratigraphy and tight clustering of the dates from all levels, thereby clarifying the difficulty that the excavator had in separating levels.Listen to your date, note the descriptive words they use most frequently, and use the same words. You should now hold off until you’re kissing at the end of your date. Just watch any toddler scream when Mum whips away that unfinished bowl of ice-cream – even if the toddler wasn’t enjoying the ice-cream.Give your date a chance to go away and fantasise about you. Try to end the date when you’re both still having a fantastic time, and definitely before your date is too tired. Close the deal A car salesman will tell you that it’s all about “closing”.Holding their gaze creates a strong emotional link, and is very seductive. Like Little Red Riding Hood with her porridge, you don’t want it too hot or too cold.A direct stare can seem aggressive, while too little eye contact is shifty and indifferent.

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