Dating someone with a spinal cord injury

– Permanently bedridden means that the condition is so severe that the individual cannot get out of bed.This does not include periods of bed rest prescribed by a physician since the individual could still actually get out of bed.The basic idea is that the VA wants to give additional disability pay in cases where the disability is so severe that the regular ratings just don’t cut it.For example, the loss of one hand and a foot is more serious than just the lost of one hand.Hospitalization does NOT qualify as aid and attendance.If a condition qualifies for aid and attendance, it is not rated at all on the VASRD, but is rated entirely on the Aid and Attendance section below.

Before we discuss the different categories and conditions that qualify for Special Monthly Compensation, here are a few important definitions: – Loss of use means that the body part cannot function any better than it would if it were amputated and a prosthetic device used.

The VA should automatically give you Special Monthly Compensation if you qualify for it. If, however, you feel that you qualify and you are not receiving, contact your local VA office.

Extra VA Disability is given for some especially serious disabilities.

The arthritis and asthma do not qualify for Special Monthly Compensation, but since together they equal a 50% rating (see the VA Math section to make sure you are adding the ratings together correctly—a 30% rating and a 30% rating equal a 50% rating, not a 60%), the Category L for the feet is pushed up to a Category L ½ (an L ½ would move up to M, etc.).

The highest category for this principle is Category O.

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