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This God likes the smell of burning meat and demands other extremely specific physical offerings as evidence of obedience and repentance.And He gives His chosen people a particular set of laws – but doesn’t mind discussion and even argument about those laws.After all, Jews, Christians and Muslims all trace their faiths back to a fellow named Abraham, whom they all claim was chosen for special treatment by the Almighty.Not academic The “same God” question is one theologians have hammered at for as long as there have been enough religions for the query to make sense. In fact, a number of politicians, religious leaders and scholars have expressed hope in recent years that a convincing answer on the God question might dampen the violence committed in His name.As Judaism’s preeminent prayer says: “The Lord our God, the Lord is one.” This God walks and talks directly with His creations – for a while.Eventually, He chooses one particular nomad (Abraham) to father a mighty nation that God sets up as an example to other nations.

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"We hope that there, where human efforts have so far failed, the Lord offers to all the wisdom and fortitude to carry out a real peace plan." But Sunday's special ceremony at the Vatican raises an interesting question: When Francis, Peres and Abbas bow their heads in prayer, will they be talking to the same God?

’ is, among other things, to worry: ‘Can we live together?

’ That’s why whether or not a given community worships the same god as does another community has always been a crucial cultural and political question and not just a theological one." On the other hand, there’s CNN Belief Blog contributor and Boston University religion professor Stephen Prothero.

Finally, for this God, much of the Jewish scriptures (which are all God’s word) are actually about foreshadowing Jesus. Islam The Muslim God is a bit more like the Jewish God. Jesus was a prophet, but no more divine than other prophets.

God has never has had anything like physical attributes and has no gender.

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