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Following these changes, many companies have sprung up that specialise in wedding planning in Spain.

As for the legal matters, it works very similar to the UK.

The wedding dance is called "sequidillas manchegas." Guests who dance with the bride, traditionally give her money, but pieces of the groom's tie and/or the bride's garter may also be auctioned off for good luck.

Though the Spanish bride throws her bouquet to whomever will be next to marry, she also hands out pins with a flower motif to unmarried ladies who attach them to their clothing upside down.

Traditionally, the groom gives a watch to the bride's father when his proposal is accepted.

Though some brides still uphold custom by embroidering their groom's wedding shirt, today's Spanish brides generally choose white wedding dresses for themselves rather than the black lace or silk gowns that were once popular.

Whatever your heritage, consider adopting a custom or two from the rich culture of Spanish weddings.The hope is the pins will be lost during the dancing, and therefore indicate the lady will soon marry.Other favors for wedding guests are cigars for the gentlemen and something nicely scented for the ladies. Paella, a delicious seafood and rice stew, is popular along the coast while sangria, a red wine punch, is found at most Spanish gatherings.The first step is for the couple to register their intentions at the local registry office.This notice of intention is then published for 15 days.

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