Dating marriege english

^_^ I was not planning on watching this drama because the name sounded so chessy but I should I have watched it earlier it was such a beautiful story the ending I was really satisfied with it the actors made me feel every type of emotion I like that kind of acting in dramas! But I liked Jae Kyung/alien and Hwi Kyung/Song-Yi, Hwi Kyung/Se-Mi and Hwi Kyung/alien relationship depiction. ❤️ Not a fan of fantastical imaginary themes of aliens!I don’t understand why the alien can’t just send the tumb drive that contain the video of the suspect to the police? :)) Anyway, I couldn't imagine anyone portraying Do Min Joon besides him.

so beautifully written without feigning depth or being too pretentious. I think with regards to the storyline, the only one that could claim to have a one of a kind plot among the recent dramas would be "W". By the way, this drama is so influential up until now that my country would be airing an adaptation of MLFTS tonight (which, based on its trailer, couldn't ever replace the original, of course..) but still, props to them for keeping this gem of a drama alive in their own way. After all these years and all the dramas I've watched, this one still remains as the best for me so far.

And it didn't need to introduce faux symbolism just to add 'depth' and 'meaning' to the story. It's full of creative twists too but it was thoughtfully introduced into the storyline so there are no glaring plot holes and inconsistencies here. I laughed much, and cried much while watching this, best drama i've ever watched❤️ Gianna acting is so great and hilarious kkkk and omo Kim soo hyun stole my heart❤️❤️❤️ lol, i have to join the other commentators who say that they don't get the hype. i watched one episode, and that's usually plenty for me to judge whether i'm going to like a drama or not.

Every single detail was just cohesive until the end. i wanted to like it, but i couldn't enjoy the set up at all.

but now here I am, still rewatching this in 2017 hahaha! Couldn't care any less for the popular dramas today like legend of the blue sea, descendants, and goblin. Nothing unique & groundbreaking about the plot of those series, really..

(help..) this isn't a type of drama that you'd get over quickly and that in itself is a testament of how good it is. MLFTS, however, could rightfully claim to be original because it actually is.

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