Dating in the dark celebrity

They have a sense of entitlement the size of one of my houses.

I recently heard about the work of an American psychologist who discovered that in the Fifties only 12 per cent of youngsters agreed with the statement, 'I am an important person'.

There is an epidemic of fame-obsessed youngsters - aged between ten and 25 - who wrongly believe celebrity is a shortcut to wealth and happiness, and who are convinced it will bring them everything they want.

An entire generation that doesn't understand that nothing worth having comes easily.

Dinner over, he said he wanted to take us to a Manhattan club. I thought of Warhol's prediction when I was watching a morning chat show on TV recently. Her one aim in life was to have surgery so that she would look like Katie Price.

"It wasn't an abrupt ending." Now that the mentor is dating 21-year-old Agdal, the 33-year-old crooner is "having fun" again, the source adds.

"It's still new." PHOTOS: The Voice mentors, then and now It wasn't until recently that Agdal and Levine decided to take their romance public.

Her reasoning seemed to be that if she looked like the glamour model, she would become as famous as her idol.

How depressing that the loftiest ambition a child of 14 can summon up is to have breasts the size of barrage balloons.

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