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The crucial point is that there will be more of the daughter isotope than could be accounted for by the decay of the parent within the sediment.

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Nicole Steele, clad in a face mask and thin plastic protective cover over her shirt, strung a ukulele while 14-year-old Yaheim Young played alongside her."We definitely know part of the lag time in processing rape kits is quite simply not having enough people involved in the facilities and equipment to actually process those kits," she said.In 2016, the auditor general's office released a report on the state's untested rape kits, which found insufficient communication between law enforcement agencies and lack of resources were key reasons why kits remained untested for so long."That's why it's so important that we have everybody on the same page," Houser said."Collecting these kits and processing them is not just about the case immediately being reported, but it may have implications for other unsolved cases elsewhere." But delays often occur, according to Houser.

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