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Around the same time audiences were demanding more material, so I started sending this ... See full summary ยป Comedy's chosen one, Daniel Tosh, has been healing the sick, stopping wars, helping underprivileged children... Meanwhile, Connie freaks out when she finds out the visiting Secretary of State used to be her Marine drill sergeant who forced her to eat as punishment for storing food in her foot locker.A controversy-courting church gathers at Brickleberry with Woody's permission, but Connie makes herself scarce due to her history with the group's policies and her lesbian personality, and in the process, discovers a secret military installation of a missile that turns heterosexuals into homosexuals.

Meanwhile, Malloy, a bitter, sarcastic bear cub adopted by Woody, is put on a diet after Ethel declares that Malloy's junk food eating will take years off his life โ€“ and goes on a desperate search for his beloved fatty foods.

Ethel tries to cure Connie's dependence on a psychic, while Steve and Denzel do some undercover cop work and are mistaken for the new Russian marijuana growers after the main undercover cops are killed, and Woody neuters Malloy to keep him from humping everything.

After getting caught in a forest fire, Steve and Denzel wake up in the hospital with switched skin colors.

Meanwhile, Steve goes after a ghost who allegedly ruined his childhood.

Woody takes up yoga after suffering a stroke, and falls for his instructor, who is part of a cult.

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