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Rachel, after some hesitation, tells Darcy to go ahead and marry him. He tells Rachel that she needs to steal Dex from Darcy by revealing Darcy’s affair.

That’s clearly the only way to win the only game that matters: getting a guy before your ovaries shrivel and blow away in the wind.

But, we find out that Dex is afraid calling off the wedding will upset his mom!

That automatically makes it okay that he called Rachel to the Hamptons just to make her watch him frolic on the beach with another woman.

Speaking of awful people, after the sleepover, Darcy asks Rachel whether she should go through with marrying Dex. Which, luckily for Rachel, makes all cheating a-okay! Rachel dishes to Ethan, who gets really frustrated that she’s not winning in the man-contest against Darcy.But no, he is interrupted by a badminton racket to the face.But then Dex says that, unfortunately, his spine got lost in the mail so he’s going to go ahead and marry the woman he doesn’t love. Heartbroken, Rachel runs off to join Ethan in London.Rachel apologizes again and tells Darcy that she misses her.We have no clue why Rachel misses her since all we ever heard was how much Darcy forced Rachel to do things she didn’t want to do.

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