Allen payne dating demetria mckinney

I’m glad so many women find the empowerment in this song.

Co-written with Courtlin Jabrae and Devon Horton, I was thinking a lot about how sometimes we women give so much of ourselves, forgetting that having standards and knowing our worth as women is a major factor in the relationships we entertain.

It starts with the peddle to the medal and doesn’t slow down all season!

What can viewers look forward to in this second season of “Saints and Sinners? You know, the thing was, when they said we were coming back for a second season, and had actually broken Bounce [TV Network] record, it was great; but then there was this “what do we do now? I felt like season one had so many different twist and turns and character developments that it was gonna be kind of hard to top it, but let me tell you something; they did it! There is all kinds of mayhem going on and I think that the beautiful part about it, aside from everything else I have gotten to do, is the fact that these are people that you might be sitting next to in your church.

I feel like I have a good balance of people to keep me together in times when things get really stressful.

You have to remember yourself more than you remember how you feel for that person. And if it’s a situation that you really can’t get over, then maybe you’re not done. They’ve just been serving the community for such a long time, in ways that we didn’t even really know about and I love that they are really diversifying the way that they are.But, once you go back, remember you chose to go back; you can’t blame anyone else. We’ve got some amazing plan to bring more awareness to giving back to the heart, which means mental, financial and communal stability. I am their new ambassador for their “Au Natural” line.I’ve been rocking my natural hair for a while now and they’ve been so supportive.If you haven’t seen her newest video “Easy”, you can check it out The last thing I wanted to do is release a piece of work that wasn’t ready, or what I considered wasn’t ready, so I took my time with this one.No set date yet but it is officially to be released late spring/early summer.

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